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  • Exense Air Woody Valley
    Exense Air Woody Valley

    Exense AIR est une sellette spécialement conçu pour les pilotes débutants, la sellette à été simplifié pour être proprement conçu et sûr, elle offre également un trés grand confort, avec une excellente finition.Elle est facile et rapide à régler, et elle est donc idéal pour une utilisation sur une pente de formationpar des moniteurs.

    532,50 €
  • Wani 2 Wani 2
    Wani 2

    Wanì2 will follow you anywhere. In flight or on a walk, it gives its very best, always. We’ve improved every single characteristic of the second version,while maintaining its popular design. We’ve entirely redesigned the rucksack, simplifying its reversibility, perfecting load distribution and increasing volume.

    683,33 €
  • Wani light
    Wani 2 light

    A consistently lightweight harness with maximum safety for the walk & fly-Pilot. harness weighing just 2.6 kg that is complete with: Rigid polypropylene seat Built-in parachute container under the seat Emergency handle with attached float bag Harness bridle Snap-hooks Built-in transport rucksack High performance airbag protection,thanks to...

    675,00 €
  • X-rated 7
    X-rated 7

    X-Rated7 integrates a wide range of innovative technologies for easy handling, aerodynamics and comfort that make this harness among the most popular on the market. Fully redesigned, X-Rated7 has overcome today’s limits, making possible what until now has been impossible. A perfect balance between form and technology, developing the features that you...

    1 875,00 €
  • Xalps GTO
    Xalps GTO

    Light-weight competition harness sacrificing nothing. X-ALPS GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato) follows in the footsteps of the harness designed specifically for the X-Alps paragliding competition. Its principal characteristics are light weight, safety and comfort, giving the pilot unparalleled flying pleasure. At the same time, pilots can rest assured...

    999,17 €

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