• Windsos

    The advanced design of this emergency parachute has allowed it to achieve an extremely fast opening time, combined with a smooth and stable descent and a very slow descent speed, which are the most important features of these systems.We are extremely proud of our achievement in bringing to pilots one of the very best products now available on the market!

    475,00 €
  • Windsos Ultralight
    Windsos Ultralight

    WindSOS UltraLite a PDA design with great stability and minimum sink rate for its size. The new materials employed and the sophisticated Edelrid lines make a small pack than can fit in your hands. The fabric is extermly high tear resistance and long wear and it has a ultra fast opening that can save your life even when you are flying at low altitude.

    491,67 €
  • Windsos Drive Rogallo system
    Windsos Drive Rogallo system

    This is a steerable Rogallo reverse with a very good drop rate, volume and weight equivalent to a small PDA. The Windtech WindSos Drive is a reverse of 35 m2 and a weight of only 1.6 kg for a maximum load of 115 kg.

    650,00 €
  • Windsos CUBE Windsos CUBE

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