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  • Altair Aile en A Altair Aile en A
    Altair en A

    Altair is a solid paraglider. It is certified A class. It guarantees the highest safety standards among recreational and beginners paragliders.The new airfoil enables a great handling in thermal flying and it’s very forgiving making very difficult to stall the wing or to find any negative tendency when using all the brake travel.

    1 958,33 €

    2 183,33 €
  • Duster Duster
  • Honey 2 en A + Honey 2 en A +
    Honey 3 en A +

    Honey is our new intermediate glider for recreational pilots looking for the perfect all around wing for all kind of conditions. The Honey is ideal for advance training courses and the first ambitious cross country flights with a high durability, great accessibility and uncompromising safety combined with the best glide and sink rate in the market....

    2 125,00 €
  • Hydro Hydro

    The mini wing of Windtech, miniparagliding with a cone of reduces suspentage and a reduced surface 15 or 17 m ² with an excellence sharpness, she will allow you as well to make of the waga on the sand dunes which of the para-mountain climbing with a sail with in the dimension and weight reduces. Its SharkNose and its system of hoist with accelerator and...

    1 650,00 €
  • Loop
    Loop 2
    Loop 2

    The Loop 2 is the hottest, most extreme acro wing. Designed to satisfy the demands of even the most radical pilot it has an exclusive avant-garde design able to achieve any manoeuvre you may dream of.

    2 166,67 €
  • Maillon carré de 10 mm Peguet
    Maillon Trapeze de 10 mm Peguet

    Maillon trapeze 6 mm de la marque Peguet, sera idéal avec les élévateurs de votre parachute de secours. Charge de rupture 1250 kg. Fabriqué en France

    4,08 €
  • Pack parapente voile en A + parachute secours + sellette
    Pack parapente voile en A + parachute secours + sellette

    Ideal for a first equipment pack contains: Wing Altair en A Windtech Un parachute de secours Windsos Windtech et une sellette Woody Valley Exense T-lock AirBag

    2 291,67 €
  • Tuareg Biplace
    Ru-Bi Biplace

    Ru-Bi is a modern tandem glider designed for the professional tandem pilot requiring a wing with good performance and very easy launch and landing. It is equipped with trimmers very easy to operate and has passed the EN certification with a B rating.

    3 316,67 €
  • Windsos CUBE Windsos CUBE
  • Windsos Drive Rogallo system
    Windsos Drive Rogallo system

    This is a steerable Rogallo reverse with a very good drop rate, volume and weight equivalent to a small PDA. The Windtech WindSos Drive is a reverse of 35 m2 and a weight of only 1.6 kg for a maximum load of 115 kg.

    650,00 €
  • Windsos Ultralight
    Windsos Ultralight

    WindSOS UltraLite a PDA design with great stability and minimum sink rate for its size. The new materials employed and the sophisticated Edelrid lines make a small pack than can fit in your hands. The fabric is extermly high tear resistance and long wear and it has a ultra fast opening that can save your life even when you are flying at low altitude.

    491,67 €
  • Windtech Airlite
    Windtech Airlite

    Sellette polyvatente avec un sac à dos et airbag inclus. Trois en un!Cet sellette est idéal pour un usage quotidien. Le harnais devient sac à dos en quelques secondes, et vice versa. Le sac est assez grand pour porter le voile et le reste de l'équipement. Il a même la capacité de porter un casque intégral. Une fois retournée devient un harnais avec airbag.

    383,33 €

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