Maxime Kempa

Published : 2017-09-01 15:19:21
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Maxime Kempa


Maxime on the cobalt slackline in midline and juggling


Young versatile slackliner aged 22 years. He enjoys climbing, basejump and swinging jump. Currently Acrobatics buiding, it is part of the community life, CIF Mazamet and ZMAM circus school. Author of several openings in a highline across France. Hold recordman freesolo 2016 60 m.

Size: 1m80

Age: 22 years old

Practice: Longline / Highline / Ropejump

The word slackeur: 

I started the slackline in September 2013, and I continue since, with a penchant for highline soft! 
From the simple pleasure of slacker to the perf, I am addicted and that is saying a bit ...
Since then, I have been able to make many pleasant encounters and initiate myself to the practice of ropejump.

What made you choose Slack-Mountain?
He believed in me ?! That's enough ? It's also because the team is very friendly. :)

A phrase you often say?
The pressure is not subjected to it, it is drunk. : D (posing the brain   
(ps: "posing the brain!" Is very often heard)

Maxime on 100 m highline cobalt

Your preferred spot? 
Everywhere where the weather is good and good humor prevails.

What are you listening to when you slack? 
Rather nothing, I listen to me. Otherwise Pupajim or Gramatik.

An anecdote ?
oops, I forgot the pulleys. Bah not serious, it serves no purpose!

Something in your fridge?
Ha Ha It is empty. ^^  
(ps: there are slack and links)
The slack in a nutshell? 
The softer the better. : D

What is your favorite strap?
Cobalt because really versatile, on the ground I am forced to stretch a little and seen that it is the least elastic.
What are your goals and plans for the future? 
Continue quietly towards the 100m highline, if possible in nylon and equip the beautiful and / or big ropejump. 

What are your best performances? 
Longline: 230m flash of cobalt  
Highline: flash 110m cobalt - backup 9mm - swag 10m (but I would have to take the time to go stretch) 
Ropejump: it is not a perf but I made 9 openings: D

Maxime on the pendular jump of the blavet

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