Published : 2017-09-27 11:26:23
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I started flying with the honey 2 ranked in EN A + in December 2016. I went from a bolero 3 (out of school) to the honey 2, at first the passage of a 4 lines to a 3 lines was quite special but more comfortable during the pre-flights due to the fact that there are fewer lines which gives better visualization of the lines on the ground and helps to avoid my sense of a lot of keys.

In the air this wing proves to be very efficient and playful, classifying it well in the wings of progression, a very healthy behavior in more or less turbulent condition. I used it to fly alps to cataloons in different masses of air. Nothing to say except "a pearl", capable of winding from +0.2 to +11, it never fails us, it is not a truck like the other sails in A + of competitor models, it reacts almost instantly.

I was able to make a 50km cross with a very good feeling with this wing: reassuring in view of its passive safety, learned to make the best choices of direction and placement of wing in order to exploit the confluences at best and less get tired. Precision in thermal, felt that I did not have with the other sails, which they are very slow to react, little felt of the air mass a contrario of the Honey 2. I already spent more than 150h under taking a lot of fun.

In conclusion, after a good fifteen hours of flying it is a wing that I recommend, healthy and high performance in gliding and speed, the perfect companion to begin the flight of distance in plain as in mountain.

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