Test Bali 2

Published : 2017-09-20 15:06:48
Categories : Hardware Tests

Test Bali 2

WINDTECH Bali 2 (EN B +)

Thomas, flies under windtech Bali 2 XS (65/85) loaded at 77kg,

I started flying with Bali 2 in June 2017, making the transition from Honey 2 to Bali 2, the change was quite radical. From the first test of sailing to "Sospel" on the Nice side. The Bali 2 is nervous with a fast moving speed. I then chained the ploufs, to see his behavior; 360 level the sail leaves by itself; with the control handles balls the precision of the control is very thin and in dynamic turns its speed of movement makes it more dynamic but healthier, the sharknose really doing his job.

In cross, this wing has no equal or little equal. Let her enjoy a tour of the lake, in transition from the Lanfonnet to the Teeth of Lanfon to play against a delta 2 and to be much less degraded. Or on Ager during cross-outs between pals, this ability to make great glide first bar and thermic in 0.1m / s up to + 8m / s where necessary. Then catch up with the group as the speed of the sail is the same as an EN C. Pushed the first bar and the front wind becomes a nice joke.

Tested in a pure headwind at the "Pic de Vissou" in the Hérault with a straight transition over "Cabriere" no sail did me that it is an Epsilon 8, a Rush 4, Sigma 10 ...

On his behavior a pearl, if you are a nervous driver looking for unusual performance, you will love it. The Bali 2 is a dynamic and nervous wing that transmits all the necessary information, very intuitive to the piloting and allows a progression of the significant pilot.

In conclusion, La Bali 2 is exceptional, ATTENTION THIS IS A SPORT CLASS IN B +, wing intended for the pilot having 140-150H of flight to their assets in any tonic and soft condition. In addition the opening to the cross is complete, this wing is designed for, do not stay in flight of site; go adventure.

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