What connector choose ?

Published : 2017-09-20 22:09:19
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What connector choose ?

Link oval, delta, shackle and hook

We only talk of steel connectors because their use should be preferred in slackline (see sheet aluminum or steel )
Each connector has its use of choice, we will start with their value in use (CMU) and breaking load (CR). For PPE, give the CR and the lifting elements CMU. In practice lifting kg and epi kN is indicated, for easy reading while kN.
In the normal working direction
Carabiner 12 mm: CMU 6 kN CR 28 kN
10mm oval link: CMU 10 kN 45 kN CR
10mm delta link: CMU 10 kN 40 kN CR
Manila 16 mm: cmu 20kN CR 100 kN
Manila 20 mm: cmu 32kN CR 162 kN
Stainless steel shackle 12mm: CMU 14 kN 70 kN CR
The carabiner can be used slackline on facilities that do not exceed 4 kN because of variations (see sheet tension and slack). It will also be used on longer lengths for pulleys referrals. Screw hooks are safe when solicitent the great tension, the ring of the screw is immobilized to prevent the opening.Always remember to loosen it slightly before removing the tension.
The oval link must always be used with its fully closed screw, otherwise distort the least tension. It will be suitable for hauling rope blockers and backups of your hardware.
The delta link must also be fully screwed, it has a slightly lower tensile strength compared to the oval link but its shape allows for anchors especially with slings travailller correctly.
The shackles are the strongest connectors for use with your strap blockers. Depending on your usage, use the shackle having the CMU and the most suitable coating. The stainless steel shackle is perfect for environments exposed to moisture. 16mm shackle to use every day to have the best strength / weight ratio, the shackle 20mm is for people that make the longline or Jumpline, it can also be useful when you want to put a lasso or more slings as it is 2.5 times larger.

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