What slackline kit choose?

Refer to the following topic:  Kit slackline

What webbing choose?

Refer to the following topic:  Webbing

How do I install my hardware?

You with all the kits provided a notice explaining each step of the installation, as well as the chain Slack Mountain youtube video methods to install its slacklines. 

I do not know what to take pulleys, which do you recommend?

Refer to the following topic:  pulleys 

You will choose your pulleys according to your particular use of the WLL necessary for your strap.

Why you indicate there are no EPI (Personal Protective Equipment) on your website, while many products are?

Because the EPI are standardized products for a certain type of activity (climbing, acrobatic work ..) but never for the slackline and its derivatives (Jumpline, highline, ...) so the PPE standard s' applies.

How does Gigi plate and / or Robot?

You will find the Youtube video page method of use.



Why you do not sell or GRIGRI EDDY?

We are retailers and Edelrid Petzl, so we signed a good conduct agreement on the resale of their hardware. The grill and eddy are banned from use by the manufacturer for the slackline. In addition to their WLL (working load limit) is 150 kg, which leaves no margin of safety for use slackline;voltages of more than 1 tonne is often outdated.

Why I can find on the websites of your competitors?

As they go through resellers rather live among manufacturers, so do not have a moral obligation to respect their request.

Why do not you make your aluminum material, to make it lighter?

We are not for aluminum for security reasons. Aluminum is not suitable for use while everyone because the slackline subjected to repeated shocks equipment, see steel or aluminum topic.

We prefer to focus ultra resistant material even if the weight increases a little.

I was told that your pin on your nose with plastic handle was less (than stainless steel)?

You should know that the handle, either plastic or stainless steel is screwed to the indexing pin. The entire load is on the spindle indexing and not on the handle. By cons, whatever the materials to the left side pin (for the side strap) to not only handle unscrews.

We chose the plastic handle for several reasons, weight about 50 g per rhino, the price of a pin with stainless steel handle is two times as high, and this would affect the customer.

And one of the biggest reasons is that we show that the rhino is manufactured in France and we s opt pins manufactured in France, we want to fully manufacture our products in France, unlike competitive pins manufactured abroad.

Or is manufactured Slack Mountain equipment?

All the slackline equipment brand Slack Mountain is 100% French, all the parts are made in France and assembled in France. We even select our suppliers of raw material (stainless steel, aluminum, screws, ...) so that everything is made in France.

Or are manufactured other brands (Beal, Kratos, Kong ...)?

We seek to work with French manufacturers like Beal, Tractel, Kratos, ... they mostly produce in France, but some products are manufactured abroad as beal Madagascar harness, carabiner kratos Italy.

After some brands like Camp Kong are made in Italy.

Or I can find information on new products and on the slackline?

We put the majority of news on our Facebook page, otherwise there is the site chocoslack that references all the new slack all brands.


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