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Altair is a solid paraglider. It is certified A class. It guarantees the highest safety standards among recreational and beginners paragliders.

The new airfoil enables a great handling in thermal flying and it’s very forgiving making very difficult to stall the wing or to find any negative tendency when using all the brake travel.

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Take off is extremely easy thanks to the battens of the leading edge -Rigid Foil System- and has no tendency to shoot forward making possible to ground control easily the canopy in different conditions.

All this makes the Altair as the first choice to enter in the paragliding world and progress very fast without any stress or concern about the safety.

characteristics planform

> Paraglider equipped with 3 risers and a special baby A riser for big ears and a soft and progressive speed system.

> V ribs profiles to reduce line consumption and increase performances at high speed.

> Rigid Foil System placed in the leading edge. Nylon wires battens make the canopy lighter and improve drastically the inflation and the canopy internal pressure.

> Closed vault improves wing shape and handling. The wing has an immediate response pitch changes when turning.

> A class certified
Altair plan windtech slack mountain
size XS S M L
area (m2) 25.61 28.46 30.50 32.62
projected area (m2) 23.80 25.46 27.28 29.17
span (m) 11.40 11.80 12.22 12.63
projected span (m) 9.53 9.86 10.21 10.55
aspect ratio 4.89 4.89 4.89 4.89
projected aspect ratio 3.82 3.82 3.82 3.82
max chord (m) 2.91 3.01 3.12 3.23
nº cells 37 37 37 37
line length (m) 6.82 7.06 7.33 7.62
canopy weight (kg) 5.55 5.7 5.9 6.1
pilot weight (kg) 43-63 58-83 73-93 88-113
all-up weight (kg) 60-80 75-100 90-110 105-130
min-max speed* (km/h) 20-48 20-48 20-48 20-48
max speed trim* (km/h) 38 38 38 38
EN certification Pend. A A A

* speeds taken with pilot in middle of the weight range and standard lines at sea level.


cloth: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution
Top surface: 44 g/m2
Bottom surface: 40 g/m2
ribs: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex 50 g/m2
rib reinforcement: Dacrón 180 g/m2
trailing edge reinforcement: Polyester 175 g/m2
lines: Sheathed Kevlar 1.1/1.7/1.8 mm
maillons (quick links): Stainless steel 4 mm
risers: Polyamida-kevlar 25 mm


Certified EN A (sizes S, M, L) with the standard production speed system.

couleur aile altair windtech


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