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Honey is our new intermediate glider for recreational pilots looking for the perfect all around wing for all kind of conditions. The Honey is ideal for advance training courses and the first ambitious cross country flights with a high durability, great accessibility and uncompromising safety combined with the best glide and sink rate in the market.

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Inflation and ground handling are quite simple and the battens in the leading edge help to prepare the glider for launch and maximize performance during accelerated flight. The Honey is very stable in all axes and the long brake travel prevents any stall tendency. Handling excels due to the original brake geometry and with the help of an amazing sink rate the Honey will always be on top of the thermal ready for a long glide to the next one.

The Honey is the pinnacle of the intermediate wings safety wise and the accelerator system is usable all the way without compromising stability.

Only the latest, best materials have been used in the Honey construction to prolong and hundreds of hours of flight are achievable without any noticeable wear. Also a unique, extremely tight quality control system in the Windtech factory ensures a perfect product every time with the best manufacturing finish and detail throughout.

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> Honey is the first intermediate paraglider model rated EN A in all sizes with such a high glide angle.

> Line consumption has been brought down to minimum to maximize glide and speed without compromising safety.

> Three risers and nylon wires in the leading edge (battens) to improve launch and the internal pressure in accelerated flight.

> Special brake geometry to improve maneuverability and make the brakes less physical.

> Great sink rate for an intermediate wing due to the new profile evolving along the span climbing effortlessly even in very light lift.

> Short and effective speed system usable even when flying in turbulent air.

honey 2

cloth: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution
Top surface: 40 g/m2
Bottom surface: 40 g/m2
ribs: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex 40 g/m2
rib reinforcement: Nylon wires
trailing edge reinforcement: Polyester 175 g/m2
lines: Sheathed Kevlar 1.1/1.7 mm
maillons (quick links): Stainless steel 4 mm
risers: Polyamida-kevlar 25 mm



Certified EN A (sizes S, M, L) with the standard production speed system.

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