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The Loop 2 is the hottest, most extreme acro wing. Designed to satisfy the demands of even the most radical pilot it has an exclusive avant-garde design able to achieve any manoeuvre you may dream of.

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The Loop 2's projected surface is a little over 15m2 so wing-loading is high. This together with its highly energetic, extremely dynamic wing profile and special trimming enable the Loop to skilfully defy the laws of gravity ensuring success for the wildest of manoeuvres, including infinity tumbles, in the hands of expert pilots.

characteristics planform

> Profile, trim and vault specially designed for acrobatics.

> 50% of the leading edge closed to ensure energetic forward surges and awe-inspiring inverted manoeuvres.

> Reinforced ribs and line set up.

size 17
area (m2) 17.05
projected area (m2) 15.88
span (m) 8.7
projected span (m) 7.1
aspect ratio 6.3
projected aspect ratio 4.8
max chord (m) 1.77
min chord (m) 0.4
nº cells 79
line length (m) 5.4
all-up weight (kg) 60-120
max speed trim* (km/h) 26-65+

* speeds taken with pilot in middle of the weight range and standard lines at sea level.


cloth: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution
Top surface: 44 g/m2
Bottom surface: 40 g/m2
ribs: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex 50 g/m2
rib reinforcement: Dacrón 180 g/m2
trailing edge reinforcement: Polyester 175 g/m2
lines: Sheathed Kevlar 1.1/1.7 mm
maillons (quick links): Stainless steel 4 mm
risers: Polyamida-kevlar 20 mm


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