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Ru-Bi is a modern tandem glider designed for the professional tandem pilot requiring a wing with good performance and very easy launch and landing. It is equipped with trimmers very easy to operate and has passed the EN certification with a B rating.

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This tandem wing is a complete new project and has been tested in all kind of conditions and a wide variety of sites. A perfect biplace wing has been brought into the market and satisfy the most demanding tandem pilot in the world.

With a perfect inflation it launches in no wind and has not a special tendency to surpass the pilot when the wind picks up and it is very easy to control and ground handling before taking off. The new nylon wires in the leading edge not only save weight but this feature make very easy to prepare the wing for take off and the canopy goes up effortlessly. The good sink rate helps to be airborne with only a few steps. The SBS is applied to these wires making the wing more durable and adding extra pressure to the leading edge.

When flying this glider the most important aspect is the handling and its excellent maneuverability, smooth and yet light, very light, -it does not feel like a tandem wing. Finally it has remarkable energy retention for consistently soft, and secure landings.

The Tuareg is a must in technology and design and it is the perfect tool to discover the pleasure of flying.

characteristics planform

> New EN certification for sizes 39 and 43.

> Very light construction; it saves a lot of weight with the new V.rib system and keeping the shape in all the speed range.

> Very clean top and bottom surface, wrinkles free, to maximize performance.

> SBS batten system to improve take off characteristic. This feature also guarantees long durability during the years to come.

> Light brake to avoid pilot's fatigue even when flying in small and bumpy thermal's cores.

size 39 43
area (m2) 39.11 43.07
projected area (m2) 34.69 38.2
span (m) 14.49 15.2
projected span (m) 12.05 12.62
aspect ratio 5.36 5.36
projected aspect ratio 4.1 4.1
max chord (m) 3.36 3.52
min chord (m) 0.66 0.69
nº cells 50 50
line length (m) 8.86 9.30
canopy weight (kg) 8.50 8.90
all-up weight (kg) 125-200 140-235
all-up weight motor (kg) 125-300 140-310
min-max speed* (km/h) 25-52 25-52
EN certification B B

* speeds taken with pilot in middle of the weight range and standard lines at sea level.


cloth: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex Evolution
Top surface: 40 g/m2
Bottom surface: 40 g/m2
ribs: Nylon Porcher Marine Skytex 40 g/m2
rib reinforcement: Nylon wires
trailing edge reinforcement: Polyester 175 g/m2
lines: Sheathed Kevlar 1.1/1.7/2.4 mm
maillons (quick links): Stainless steel 4 mm
risers: Polyamida-kevlar 25 mm


This glider is certified EN (sizes 39-43) with the standard production trimmers closed.


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