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The mini wing of Windtech, miniparagliding with a cone of reduces suspentage and a reduced surface 15 or 17 m ² with an excellence sharpness, she will allow you as well to make of the waga on the sand dunes which of the para-mountain climbing with a sail with in the dimension and weight reduces. Its SharkNose and its system of hoist with accelerator and trim its versatility will be in produce you

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With big reinforcement on all the sail it has a big solidity and its sharkNose strengthens its structure by allowing to penetrate better into the air masses. The classic version with Skytex 38 will give to this hybrid sail an optimal and necessary life expectancy for the rough uses that can be the waga or the para-mountain climbing with the abrasion of the sand and the rock of mountain which we know aggressive.

Windtech in specially séléctionné fabrics PORCHET Sport to have the best quality and to increase the longevity of the wing.


The suspentage for the normal version is completely sheathed on the low and average part to avoid all the problems of mess as well as on the take-off the mountains where we know that stones tend to hold some hangers and that the unsheathed supports him less good.

The cone of suspentage was designed to reduce at the most the trail and get him its performances exceptional.

In the light version the suspentage is unsheathed.

size 15 17
area (m2) 14.87 17.09
projected area (m2) 13.3 15.28
span (m) 8.51 9.12
projected span (m) 7.14 7.65
aspect ratio 4.86 4.86
projected aspect ratio 3.8 3.8
max chord (m) 2.18 2.33
nº cells 37 37
line length (m) 5.10 5.46
canopy weight (kg) 3.6 3.9
weight in flight* (kg) 50-100 65-115
certification 926-1 926-1

Light version (to order)

Elevators dyneema and trims,

Extraback Tissue, intrados 27g / m

Suspentage unsheathed

2.50 kg in 15 or 2.95 kg in 17


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